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BBQ Chicken (33.00)

Beef Tri-tip (38.00)

No Meat (sides only, listed above) (30.00)

BBQ Chicken (23.00)

Beef Tri-tip (26.00)



Each meal comes with a selection of sides: baked beans, corn-on-the-cob, baked potato salad, garlic sourdough bread, lemonade, and huckleberry ice cream.

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 Our office party was at Mountain River Ranch. We had the most marvelous time with the fishing pond (we brought our poles) and the theatrical performances and personalities of all the actors at the village before getting on the wagons for a short but beautiful ride out to the Meadow Muffin Theater. Dinner was delicious; the show was very entertaining, the company delightful, and the setting perfect! The staff at Mountain River Ranch was so accommodating. They had every detail coordinated to our comfort and enjoyment, even down to live music after the show as we waited for the wagons to return and take us back to the parking lot. We had a fantastic time and can't wait to come again. 

Kriss Jacobson
Education and Standards Manager - BYU-Idaho